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Wednesday 2nd March 2016



Let me begin with the wonderful news that we found out yesterday - CENTRAL COAST MUZZLE LOADERS WILL REOPEN!


With meetings, phone calls, negotiations and lots of hard work from the Kariong Regional Shooting Complex Committee and your own Club Committee, we have received a new range approval for shooting at the Central Coast Muzzle Loaders Range.


There are some permanent restrictions and changes to what events and calibres can be shot on the range. Our new range approval limits us to calibres 8mm and under for Centre Fire Rifle & all shooting of Centrefire and Rimfire rifles must be bench rest ONLY. Shotgun will be able to resume as normal, with Kariong Sporting Targets Events being able to take place in the future. All Muzzle Loading and Black Powder will remain unchanged, which is wonderful news as Black Powder and Muzzle Loading is the foundation of our club.

Unfortunately, our range is no longer licenced for any pistol shooting at all. We will be working with other pistol clubs on the complex to come to an agreement to hopefully be able to provide a place for our Pistol Members to Shoot. Please understand that nothing has been decided or agreed to yet with pistol, but the committee will inform you as soon as we have any information.


In order for the range to be reopened, we have to re-align our firing line, relocate the access road, and increase the heights of the 50m, 100m mounds. We are aiming for works to be completed by the end of March, with a final approval required from the Firearms Registry to allow us to commence shooting.


The Club Committee will work together to produce a clear guideline of calibre restrictions moving forward. Please bear with us in the meantime, as we will all be learning together as we reopen.


I will inform all members when we are able to reopen. The committee thankyou for your patience, understanding and cooperation in what has been a challenging time.



Yours in Shooting,



Karen Buys